Sopwith XNA
Written by Mark Thomas   
Monday, March 26 2007

Sopwith XNA is a game created by Benjamin James . It's a conversion of an old game called....Sopwith. I never played the original, but this game feels like a cross between Skramble and Looping.

 Sopwith XNA

Basically, you control an airplane with the intent of destroying several ground targets. You can also shoot birds, which can be a good idea since touching them means a quick trip back to the ground. I found the keyboard controls to be  a bit difficult, since you can be tasked with handling several keys at once. An option to re-map the keys would have taken care of this issue, at least for me.

As you can see in the screenshot, the graphics are fairly simplistic, but they get the job done. Smoke and explosions look good as well.

There really isn't a lot of gameplay here. Destroying all the targets (a task that can practically be accomplished by suicide missions alone) results in a game over screen. There is no music, but the sound effects are passable. Aside from the music, all the basic elements of a game are here, but if it's going to stay on hard drives, it needs more content.

Grab the game, and read more about it, here

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