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Written by Mark Thomas   

At xna.hotseatgames.com you'll find tutorials on XNA game development, reviews of XNA games, and hopefully much more. What exactly is XNA? It's a technology from Microsoft that allows you to develop games for Windows or the Xbox 360.

There are lots of sites devoted to XNA development. Hopefully this site will contain some useful information that you can't find anywhere else, or at least will expose similar content from a different perspective. It's my opinion that there can never be enough help out there, and if this site helps anyone develop and release a game using XNA, or even just find a game that otherwise would have gone unnoticed, I will consider it a success.

About me

I am a professional developer specializing in ASP.NET. I've worked with Microsoft technology for the last 10 years, and have recently gone off on my own as a full-time consultant. I got tired of the standard office nonsense, and was financially able to take a risk, and so far it has worked out great. My professional work is pretty much business-focused. It's not glamorous, but it pays the bills.

I've always been interested in game development, and a couple years ago I released 2 games for the Pocket PC. Since then I have started and stopped development on at least 2 other Pocket PC games, but never got the motivation to finish them. Last Spring I made a simple text-based web browser "choose your own adventure" which was quite well received.

When I first heard of XNA, I was very interested. I had just switched over to C# from VB.Net, so I was eager to get a look at what Microsoft was doing. I also spend quite a lot of my admittedly limited free time playing on my 360, so the thought of cross-platform development between the PC and 360 was pretty attractive. Since becoming a consultant, I was finally able to find enough extra time to put this site together. I wanted to do this because I knew that chances were pretty high that I would not have time to create and release a professional game, so I wanted to at least have some involvement in the community. 

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