XNA Game Studio 2.0 Released
Written by Admin   
Thursday, December 13 2007
What? A news post? I know, I've completely been ignoring the site. Sorry about that, it's just that I've not really been into game development lately. Anyway, Microsoft has updated the XNA toolset again, so head on over to http://creators.xna.com/Education/GettingStarted.aspx to get the latest goodies.
Dream Build Play Finalists
Written by Mark Thomas   
Sunday, August 05 2007
The Dream Build Play contest finalists have been announced. You can see screenshots of the 20  finalists' entries here.
Flat Red Ball
Written by Mark Thomas   
Tuesday, July 24 2007
Wow, I finally made an update! I've been laying low for some time now, mainly due to work and twin boys that are now almost 10 months old. But I've been getting more and more interested in getting back into XNA development. I started looking around for game engines, and found Flat Red Ball. I'll be testing it out over the next few days.
Last Updated ( Tuesday, July 24 2007 )
Comments Temporarily Disabled
Written by Mark Thomas   
Tuesday, April 10 2007
For the time being, I've turned off the comment feature on the site. This is due to the fact that the spammers have discovered them, and the CAPTCHA option in the comment system doesn't seem to work for me at this point. When I can get a chance to fix it, I will. Considering the fact that there has only been one genuine comment left, it's probably not a feature that will be missed at this point.Undecided
Sopwith XNA Reviewed
Written by Mark Thomas   
Monday, March 26 2007
Finally, the site's first review! I really haven't seen much out there that looked worth reviewing, so if you know of some good XNA games, be sure to let me know on our contact page . Sopwith XNA is an update to the classic game Sopwith, but if you've played Looping, you'll feel at home too. Read the review...
Pixel Manipulation Tutorial Published
Written by Mark Thomas   
Wednesday, February 07 2007
My latest tutorial is finished. This time we take a look at how to directly manipulate the pixels in a texture. You can use these techniques to achieve a lot of dynamic effects in a game, provided you've got a head for math... Check out the tutorial here .
How to take screenshots in your game
Written by Mark Thomas   
Thursday, January 18 2007
I've just published my second tutorial, this time on how to create a component that will take screenshots of your XNA (Windows only) game. I've included a compiled dll for the lazy.Wink Check it out and let me know what you think in the Comments section after the tutorial .
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